Modifying pre-96 stock exhaust

No welder involved, just a hammer and a chisel.


Looks great! Almost.

Did you save any weight or is it just louder?

Hessler did have a few nice options.... :p

Good thing you don't live near my off road riding area,

Too many loud machines spitting sparks out ruin it for everybody :lol:

ps...If you ride off road try not to light the forest on fire......:p

The knobby tires suggest you ride off road but if you only ride on the road then I apologize.

1 i lost weight, 2 im gonna take the backfire guard from the airbox and put it in the exhaust, 3 i ride offroad a fair amount

yes, it is louder, which also means its free'er flowing, and that means that when i bore it out to 680cc (instead of 640!!) it will not only be able to breathe, it will be able to crap sufficiently also!!

id just like to add, it isnt excessively noisy, it sounds like a 650 should now instead of a little wet fart

now the old dr400 i had with side exit exhaust with no baffles whatsoever, that was loud, if you revved it up it'd take chunks out of the ground around u

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