flat spot

Hi just got a 2003 400 and found it has a flat spot just off tick over in other words when trying to pop the front up it dies . it goes well elsewhwere, does anyone know whats not happening?

g'day kiwi,sounds like you have bottom end bog,pretty common with theses bikes i hear,if your bike is the same as the aussie 'e' do the 'taffy mod' and you'll be laughin,just do a search for it and anything else you need to know, its all here,heaps and heaps of good info.

Hi i've done the taffy mod and it's still exactly the same,the rod only seems

to move the 24 thou anyway I tried the coller in other positions nothing worked. it cuts with a handfull from shut if you crack it open a bit then gas it no problem. to me its more like lack of gas not to much.anyway at least it's together for the weekend .

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