Trailer/Hauling Advice

Hey girls! I was thinking of buying a a trailer for my Chevy blazer to haul my bike, but I am not sure of wht kind. Usually we put our bikes in the back of my b/f's truck, but I want my own way of transporting my bike. I would like your opinions as to waht you have, and what is cheap and works the best. :p

If you're only going to be hauling one bike a hitch carrier is a simple and cheap way to transport your bike. I use one when I only have my bike.

Here's the one I bought.

I used a hitch carrier, they are pretty handy. If you ever want to haul two bikes though, the little rail-type trailers are pretty handy; or, if you get a flatbed trailer, you can use it for all sorts of other stuff.

Just remember that you will need to license a trailer every year, (well, if it's under a certain size some states don't require it), maintain the tires and bearings, and also store it. They do have trailers that fold up flat when they're not in use.

How about trading the Blazer for a truck?

We use both, we have a 6'x12' trailer and that moto rack for 2 bikes. We use the trailer for those long trips and that moto rack for the short trips.

Like was mentioned before you do have to register your trailer every yr but not all the costly. Just takes some practice at backing them up:thumbsup:

How about trading the Blazer for a truck?

I would love to, but I am paying for college right now. I will be a senior in the fall, then I will get a new truck:smirk:

Thanks for your help, I decided to go with the one ah1214 suggested(I just bought it online!)

That's a good price. Pretty similar to the one I used. If it doesn't have an "anti rattle collar" see if you can find one--it really does hold the hauler on the hitch better.

Heck, if you weren't so far away I would have sold you mine.

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