Sprocket vs conditions

Has anyone changed from the factory rear sprocket on the 07' CRF150R .We did some riding yesterday and my son found himself never in first and had the tires spinning with little grip until third and above. I was riding mostly real course sand and rocks.

What air pressure were you running in the rear?

How much does the rider weigh?

9.5 pounds in both tires and my son is about 100#

the manual says to run 15lbs in both tires

I will give that a try, I have never ran 15# in any of my bikes and could not tell you why.

You are going to spin in sand and rocks thats the way it is. 9.5 is maybe a little soft but 15 is just to much for someone that is only 100lbs. We run 12lbs for off road and closer to 10 for track stuff if not to many rocks.

Stock tires are not the best in sand. Try a dunlop or Michelin for soft conditions if that is what you will be ridding in. If it is all sand you can go way down 7-9 lbs.

yea i never run 15 but thats what the manual says probly to much psi for sand

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