Anyone find a bolt-on/clamp-on folding sidestand for the CRF150R??

I've search, to no avail.


We got the ProMoto....It looks and works great!!!The fit is pefect.

Don't be fooled by the imitators. Pro Moto Billet is one of the best aftermarket products I have ever purchased. I fits perfectly and tucks away out of site when up. I have changed the factory KTM stand with one on another bike. PRO MOTO :p

I have a Trail Tech and am perfectly happy with it.

The PMB might work, but the price is high. The Trail Tech won't work on my bike, since I lowered the footpeg mounts. I ordered an MSR sidestand today: $99 and it should fit okay. If it doesn't, I'll have to go PMB.

thanks, gentlemen.....


im gonna get the pmb one i think, its pricey but it looks hella nice.

I got the Trail Tech one and am perfectly happy with it I would have gottng the one from PMB but i think, its little to pricey

Got the MSR Hard Parts stand and put it on yesterday. It's made to bolt to the subframe mount and to the triangle stand's socket. Since I've moved my pegs down, the socket is about 1.5" too low, so I made up an adapter from 1/4" thick aluminum. Took about an hour in total but the stand works pretty good. I'm hoping the mounting bracket supplied with the stand doesn't interfere with my left boot too much. I'll find out on the next ride....

The stand and hardware are well-made and worth the $100.


Went on the first ride, yesterday, with the MSR sidestand. No interference with my boot, although I think turning the spring around 180 degrees (axially) would get it further from my boot. What a joy to be able to not have to find a tree every time I stop to do trail maintenance....

I can recommend this far.

It was also my first ride with the Acerbis Mini handgards...they work as advertised and are very strong for non-aluminum-reinforced gards. Another thumbs up for this accessory.


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