buying a '96 Beta Techno, thoughts?

Title pretty much says it. Thinking about buying a '96 Techno 250, haven't looked at it yet but looks pretty clean in the pictures. Any thoughts? How will it compare to my '01 rev3 270?

Little heavier, little bigger. Similar smooth engine to the '01. Overall feel should be quite similar with a somewhat heavier front end. Back end a little less feel for the terrain.

If it's the bike I'm thinking of, I think it *might* be a 98. Also it needs a little attention...

It is advertised as a '94 but its not, does that help you?

Careful if it is '94 bumble bee color scheme. Very powerful and abrupt engine. '95 and forward were toned down.

i had the 96 great bike!

It is advertised as a '94 but its not, does that help you?

Ya, that's the one. I think it's a 98. When are you going to see it?

I was going to go yesterday, can't go till this weekend now. Probably be sold by then. bummer

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