Bridgestone Yamaha tires

The tires on the 09's are special bridgestones made just for yamaha and you can only buy them at your dealer but I was wondering if anyone actually bought more. Thats 2 expensive words in one sentence, Bridgestone+Dealer= $$$

Do you know what model the tires are? The M403 and M404 that came on the 08's are amazing, that's what I am running from now on.

They are similar to the 4's but apparently is a special design for the yamaha. It was a pretty good tire, just curious to the price.

Well, I just ran a parts search, and this is what is listed:






100/90-19 57M M404 B



That's a lot of dough for tires.

I would just go with the 4 series from Bridgestone.

Ditto, the 403/404 are good tires. I'll be needing a second set after 3 days on Oklahoma clay.

Anybody ran the new Dunlops yet?

A lot of people on here said they were getting them but I've yet to see anything on them. Last week I put on a Maxxis IT in the rear and a Kenda Washougal in the front. I'd like to run Dunlops or something but the rocks at my house practice track would kill those in the first day. So I had to go with a little heavier harder tire.

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