I think there was a Honda in the woodpile.

Not sure but the baby does NOT look like the rest, LOL.


I will have to talk to the dogs and see who they are letting in to the yard.


Illegitimate Child.

Oh....where should I send the sponge and soap to?


Is that SPLOOGE on the floor next to it? How inappropriate.

LOL...Check out which one isn't locked up. :p Hey Ed, I heard you have to give Hondas away.

Thats funny Jay. Maybe I will lock it up too LOL.


Not for nothing, I'd like to throw a leg over that 91 you have. Looks like fun. :p

It is a fun bike and my first Kawasaki. All those bikes are fun, even the little Honda lol.


:p Hmmmm. You on that honda? I'd definately pay to see that. :lol:

How much.:lol::cry:

If you ever make it out here you can ride all of them, and yes the Honda too.:p


One or two vodkas and me on that Honda?.....I'll be on Youtube in no time. lol

Have your helmet cam on too.

The 91 is trail ready,big tank,sparkarester,and kick stand. I tryed to sell it for $500 and no one wanted it so it still lives here.


Is that an early 80's xr80? I have one that I have owned for 25 years and it still runs strong. I plan on doing a semi-resto on it for the kids one of these days soon. It is truly the little bike that could, and the little bike that would not die, and the little bike that... blah blah blah. Great machine anyway!


Its a 77 XR75 I bought at a yardsale last year for $20. Got it running and it is FUN. It is a great bike for a Honda lol.


Yup, that xr75 is basically the same exact bike as my 80 xr80. Very very fun little bike.

Hey Ed 1 more bike and you can ride each one 1 day a week and use the 7th day to clean filters :p

Hey Ed 1 more bike and you can ride each one 1 day a week and use the 7th day to clean filters :p

He's got all kinds of bikes over there. :lol:

Jay yes more bikes than Days lol. BUT I have given away 3 bikes in the last 3 years, 2 Suzukis and a Yamaha. I still have 4 Kawasakis 2 Suzukis 1 Yamaha 2 Hondas and 2 project basket case Maicos. 1 of the Maicos is my second bike I ever owned, a 1971 250.

Only 2 are street legal, the old DR350 and the 99 KX. The KX is plated and insured but technicaly not legal at the moment but I have been faking it and getting away with it lol.

Sometimes my maintenance gets laxed because I just take another bike. Hodgkins you can come and help anytime.


Hey Ed, lets talk about that '91 tonite. It's never been layed down has it? :p

Ok Larry. Steve told me you two went riding, him and I went last Sunday. We need to get together and go for a ride.


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