Sherco 250i

Has anybody see one yet or been on one?

There's been a couple of magazine reviews here, they say that they're not too bad, suspension needs a bit of work, but that's nothing too unexpected. Though if you don't like the stock Sachs/Ceriani combo, you can option up to Ohlins front and rear. I was seriously considering the 450 (people with the 450 love them), but have decided on a TM instead.

I posted this on our Australian site,


VERY NICE, well finished as usual, sounds very crisp & smooth,Engine is very quite & a great note from the pipe, stand sux bat (looks good but bad length etc - like a husky) Very very tidy engine bay, compact / spacious & well sorted & ergo layout is great, switches, levers & mounts scream quality & are compact & clean everything just looks finished with quality in mind. Dash has remote switch on LH bar, Map swith is on the RH bar.

Hubs/wheels/sprockets etc look sensational. Again compact & high quality finish

They look soooo much sweeter in person than they do in any mags or net ads.

The only thing that stood out a bit was the rear master cylinder placement & stand, the seat seems a bit wider than expected in the middle but is very flat to the tank & easy to move up on, it was almost as tall as the Husky (although specs will show it as much lower)it looks low, feels small & spacious but is actually taller than my BETA & about the same as my 08 450 Husky, i was on tip toes (6ft & 100kgs) The new colour scheme & finish of the plastics Overall what a great bike

At RRP of 13K + the euro has affected the prices a fair bit, no more factory bash plate etc, Ohlins option is $$$$, but depending on the dealer expect 12900 on road. Very Reasonable considering the overall quality

Have ridden the 250 back to back against the 450 on a mX track and single track bush.The 2.5 was exceptionaly easy to throw around and felt more than the claimed 10 kg lighter than the 4.5, they both give you excellent confidence as i found you can move so far forward with the new tank\seat setup.I weigh 85kg and found the suspension well suited except for flat landings off drop offs, the 2.5 power fells stronger than a KTM250exc and was strong all through rev range and didn't flatten out, couldn't notice the dual curve but did on the 4.5.Any how if was going to race offroad events go the 2.5, or general trial fun riding go the 4.5.Thats my thoughts anyhow.

I weigh 85kg and found the suspension well suited except for flat landings off drop offs, ...

This is the basic problem with USD forks. RSU have no such problem. USD forks triumph of marketing over engineering, IMO :p

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