Better turn signals - help

I have already broken off the rear turn signal on my 06 TE510. Does anyone make a smaller turn signal that bends at the stalk - rather than the hard plastic one on the bike now. Both of the back turn signals stick out over the sides and will easily snap off if I drop the bike. I thought I read about European signals on the 610 that bent at the stalk. Anyone provide any input? Thanks.

Tri650, Pro cycle-online has a lot of different aftermarket turn signals to choose from. I just installed a pair of the mini LED rear ones on my TE450, you have to use the resistors with them but the have a really narrow profile. Practically nothing sicking out to catch on branches and nothing to break off when you crash. I had the UFO fender that has the flush mount blinkers incorporated in them but the silencer (07 TE450) pointed right at the right blinker and melted it to the point where it destroyed it. If you don't have the same exhaust then that one is a great choice.

Good luck

I use these cheap phillips lockhart stick on blinkers and they've been pretty durable. Not bonafide DOT but here in MO we can use them.


Thanks. That is exactly what I was looking for. I am surprised they don't put something like this as standard on these bikes.

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