My steed let me down today...

...luckily it's a small town. Was on my way to the beach today with a friend as pillion. Crossed the 2nd intersection from his house and just as I pulled away, one big BOG. I either lost spark or fuel, but since I had plenty of fuel, mr sparky was the culprit. Nothing. Kicked it until I was all shades of blue (was only wearing a helmet, flip flops and shorts) on my feet, then decided to phone-a-friend to bring me some tools. After experimenting with a screwdriver, a 10mm spanner, the spark plug cap and many new words, we made our decision - crapped out CDI, loose wire or faulty plug. After about 5mins of troubleshooting, I saw a red wire running from my stator to the CDI came loose. I attached it, let the bike shock me motherless and put it all back together. Now, just hope it holds 'till I can get back to my house 16km's away...


Thanks for sharing that info Wabbit. I basically have same engine as your 550 and if it happend to me, would not even think of looking at the stator wires. Nkosi!!! your sweat is much appreciated :p

Plesier man! So leer ons. To be honest I didn't know where to start. I was just thinking 'please don't crap out on me, CDI'. I got my code 1 and 2 learners 6 days ago (am R428 poorer but at least I came through 1st time) and I've still got 5 months to go before I'm allowed to legally ride the XT. At least mine is a rebuild, and it doesn't state the cc's on the license disc..hehe. The wire that came loose ran right next to the rear shock, out of sight. Lots of vloeking and cussing found it, though. I blame Port Alfred's potholes for my wiring loom disintegrating...hell, if persons with corruption charges can run our country, surely my reason ain't that kak...

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