Drag racing ?

As some friends and I were haveing a heated discussion over who's bike was faster than each others , it occured to me that we have a 1/8 mile drag strip with open practice on fridays that we can go to and have some braggin rights . I was wondering if any of you have drag raced your bikes or quads to see your time and speed through the 1/8 miles. Please list mods too (sprocket setup, big bore kit, exhaust, model , year, you know). thanks in advance. Major

you would need a different tire cause i can almost Guarantee they wont let you run with a dirt tire on there

I don't like even dressing in drag (although some of the undies are more comfortable :cry: ). I think racing in drag would be dangerous. What if your skirt gets caught in the chain? What if you break a heel?

Here's a clue, the fastest bike in every meaningful situation is the one with the fastest rider on it. A good rider on a 125 will absolutely crush an average rider on a 450 almost everywhere. :lol:

p.s. if you decide to go through with your transvestite fantasy, at least wear sensible shoes. :p

Lol. thats great. I'll try not to get the dress caught. ......

Around here we have sand and dirt races too, they are timed just like the cars are at Great River Road Speedway (reaction times, speed, and 1/8th mile times)..

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