dented pipe?

I must have dented my pipe on my last ride because now it makes a really weird sort of high pitched noise. While i was washing it yesterday, i realized that there was a tire mark (as if the tire rubbed the silencer) and there was a good size dent (not deep, just long) along the silencer. So basically what im asking is, is it alright to ride like this because im going to a track in a few hours? So much for the ti-4 :p

I am guessing the noise is the seal (RTV) opened up on the canaster to midpipe end. You can take it apart (like when you repack it) and push the dent ut if it is not bad. Then use some HI-temp RTV to seal back up the end if that is what it is.

It does not sound like something that is going to hurt your bike if you ride it.

it didnt hurt it.. just got back from the track. It was extremely annoying though.. lol

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