Rear Shock please help..

Can you make a 2005 rear shock from a KX250F work on my 2000 KX250. Or will it not fit at all.

Anyone, some one has to know.....right?

I'm not sure about the 05 KX250, but I'm running a 05 RM125 shock on one of mine. You have to drill a new hole in the bottom clevis. Some of the Showas have enough room to do this. I got some measurements from a RMZ/KXF 250 shock which should work too. Just make sure you measure 300 times before you drill.

Here's some pics:

Here's the links- all the info you need to setup your suspension will be on these two sites...

(these guys have an AWESOME setup guide; only one of them is complete, so look at both)

I won't do my sons homework, either:lol:

Hope this helps.

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