MCCT Adjustment

Ive read and viewed all the posts/videos on how to adjust.

...Tighten mine finger tight, back off, start engine, tighten till chain slap goes away, then lock.

No matter how far I back the tension off, I cant hear any rattling/slapping etc.

What are my options?

Stethoscope maybe?

I dont have a problem taking the top cover off to visually check the tension, but what am I looking for if I do it this way?


I do it more by feel then by sound...because my hearing is not that sharp with open exhaust. You turn it out you will feel the viration get rough in the adjustment nut. Turn it in until it gets smooth and lock it down. You don't need a wrench except for the lock down nut. You get a better feel for it that way.

I had this problem when I did mine. "Finger tight" is way too tight, at least according to my definition...

What I did was back the MCCT the whole way out, pulled the valve cover, and then screw the MCCT in until I saw the cam chain move. (I also checked valve clearance and timing while I was in there.)

When I started the engine afterward, the "rocks in a can" sound was obvious. Screwed the MCCT in until it stopped (about a half to a whole turn) then tightened.

If you can pull the valve cover off it will make sense. I found it very hard to adjust by ear. Once I looked at what I was doing i found it very easy to just press the tensioner against the chain without it being tight

I had a hard time hearing it also.........try standing as far forward as you can.

I could hear it distinctly when I was standing and listening near the radiator shrouds. I also let a towel lay over the rear of the muffler to dampen the sound for a few harm, no restriction, but it did quiet the exhaust down.

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