Lord help me, sometimes I'm just not that bright - Part II

Dang, This is becomming a weekly thing..... I may need more help than I thought :D !

This is just a quick "Friday Good Humor" post for those who are fairly new at tinkering with these carbs. I was cleaning and specing my carb last night (it was filthy inside!!), and was noticing what appeared to be a slight varnish film on the carb plate, engine side. Me being an absolute genius, I deceided to check the slider action to see if it seemed as gummed up as it looked. With a sharp eye on the carb plate throught the throat, I proceeded to twist the throttle wheele to actuate the slider to check the action...............Anyone want to take guess as to what I experienced at this point..........anyone, anyone????

How about a perfect stream of gas centered on the pupil of my right eye :):D !!! Awwh yeah, super big brain here, well thought out through for sure. Anyways, a good 5 minutes of washing and the sting went away, and I was able to complete the task at hand.

So, just another lesson learned on really thinking though one's actions, take heed people, or next time it could be you :D !

The one, the only, Dodger :D:D

[ August 23, 2002, 08:49 AM: Message edited by: Dodger ]

Dodger, Thats what happens when you live in the republic of Boulder for to long. I think it's from the haze off of all the burning couches or something. :)

Thanks Dodger. :)

I diddn't think anything could put a smile on my face today. Being stuck in the office and all...


You weren't drinking those "The Mountain Sun's" Colorado KIND ALE!!!!!!! before undertaking this task were you? :):D

Well, uuuhhh.......I thought you were supposed to prime yourself before taking on tasks such as this :) ............Isn't it kinda like the accelerator pump???

Dodger :D:D

LOL!!! That is too funny. I do stuff like that every day...

Did you at least time the squirt while it was hitting your eye to make sure you arent rich? hehe


and i thought i was the only one... :):D



You need to do the BK mod -

that sting should go away in 3 minutes, not 5 - its far too rich :)

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