Valve clearence slightly out of spec. ?

I have an 06 450x. It has about 30 hours on it.

After finding this great site and reading the valuable information you guys post. I decided to check my valves.

The intake's spec is .16 +or- .03 checked it and was .10 and the exaust spec is .28 +or- .03 checked and it was

.23 These are slightly out of tolerance.

My question is do I shim the valves to fix the movement?

Or would it be acceptable to keep riding and inspect for more movement periodically and replace when they move more?

Hey thanks for the great data base to use Thumper Talk!!

And thank you all for the great advise.:p

The valves deffinately need a re-shim. Safe to ride for now though.


The exhaust valves dont tend to move do they ? Are you measuring correctly ?

I have an 07 with 35 hard hours.. all my clearances were spot on...

Id have another set of hands check it out before i started pulling it apart further.

Just seems strange.

Good luck and let us know how you go.

..i trust that this is the first time you have checked the valves...

  • the valves are a little tight (not critically so)
  • it is not critical you adjust them just yet, some come tight from the factory
  • monitor the valve spec and determine if the valve lash is tightening (closing)
  • if the intake valves are on the move (closing), your OEM valves days may be numbered
  • clean your air filter, and have fun till you decide what your next intake valves will be
  • http://www.****************/index.html

One of my intakes was wide when new, 0 hours. Not a bad idea to check.

I checked the valves by sliding the feeler guage under the cam over the bucket.

One question what is the correct way to measure the valves.

I assume that the guage should have very little resistance to get a good reading and should not be forced in. I guess i need this clearified by someone with a little more expierience.

Yep, next size up shouldn't fit in w/o feeling alot of resistance, feeling the valve start to open... next size down should go in too easy. If they're off and you have to remove the cam anyway its good to swap the shim then check it by just laying the cam in there with some fingertip pressure. Feel the cam move with the feeler then its too big... Not all that hard... I'm over-explaining .

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