So I'm looking at buying a set of handguards, problem is, I cant't order online. So, I have to see whats available at the dealers etc. I currently have my eye on a set of PowerMadd Star Series with the hand wrap kit. As far as I know, it's all that's available to me. But if I can find a set of D-flex handguards, I'll be all over them.

Check oput the Acerbis Rally Pro. They bolt right on and keep you from breaking levers off when you crash.

i have been VERY happy with my Moose racing hand gards.. the thing i like about them is they are 2 part. the Aluminum bar, with the replaceable plastice protector..... Very nice to have becasue you will beat them up and they are very strong and you can just replace the plastic and have a nice looking setup all over again.

I have the Cycra ones on my KLX300 and they are fantastic! I have some acerbis ones on before the Cycras and in my opinion there is no comparison. I have the ones with the metal gaurds on the the inside not the plastic ones! Spend the money on these and you will not be disappointed!



I have tusk, I don't recommend them because they require modification to mount on most bars, and they get in the way of the cables. I've seen those Cycra before, they are the best I've seen and well worth the price!

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