Is it a Honda or Suzuki wheel?

My bike was put together from spare parts by the previous owner and sold to a unsuspecting newb - me. I have now replaced or repaired EVERYTHING except the forks and triple clamps. They a 45mm shivers. I want to switch to RM forks and clamps. I was wondering how I can tell if my sm wheel and brake will even fit on Suzuki forks. It would not surprise me if the wheel was made to fit on Honda forks. Pics are here:

I am sure someone knows this off the top of their head.

With an aftermarket hub it's much harder to tell by looks alone. I suggest you take some measurements. I just happen to have a set of loose factory hubs I can compare measurements to.

Are there any markings on the hub that you could contact the manufacturer and determine what the hub was made for?

You need to concern yourself with the width of the hub plus spacers to see if it matches the drz wheel, and the alignment of the brake rotor to the caliper. If the wheel isn't a suzuki, or possibly a ktm, I think your pretty much SOL for getting it to fit, unless it's just a matter of spacers and you can machine them yourself, if you want it to fit stock drz triples and forks.

talon hubs are stamped with a part no..

their website will list p/n's for the drz.

tw44 comes to mind for a rear hub - not certain tho.

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