I'm dealing with tendinitis in both of my wrists/forearms (throttle side is much worse).

Has anyone dealt with this? Any tips on getting better?

I've been taking 400 Mg of ibuprofen every 4-6 hours for 1 week and I've not ridden for over a week now with little improvement. Using the computer bothers me too.

Thanks for any advice.


Ron not sure how to help, but post this in the health/fitness section and I'm sure the good doctor will help you out in a wiff, cheers

Ice, Ice, Ice

If you have tingling , burning or numbness, go see a good arm specialist dr.

After 2 surgeries this past year, for cubital & carpal tunnel issues, you don't want to mess around. don't wait for it "to get better" because if it's a nerve related issue, it won't fix itself with out a good dr.

I didn't even know that this forum existed....

Thanks for the info guys. I guess I'll have to find a Dr.

I ended up icing 3 times a day, bought wrist braces from wally world to keep my wrists from moving, took Ibuprofen every 4 hours, and didn't ride for almost 2 weeks.

I raced an enduro last weekend and didn't have any problems with my wrists (I didn't wear the braces when I rode either).

Thanks again guys.

I twisted up my ankle about over a year ago, and It resulted in tendinitis in my leg because I was favoring the ankle without realizing. I went to an orthopod and he gave me a cortizone shot in my ankle joint (it had narrowed). After that the tenditis symptoms were gone within a few days. (after having htem for 8 months plus)

I realize your situation maybe a little different, but if I hadnt went to the orthopod, I would still be in pain, soooo give it a shot. Their good. I thought I was going to need surgery, just needed a shot 1 time.

Well after last weekends race where my wrists felt good I actually twisted my ankle. I've been sitting on my couch for a week with barely any improvement; I can't put any weight on it at all. I'm going to see a specialist on Monday.

Thanks for the heads up.

I feel ya those ankles can be brutal.. you will prolly get an x-ray and an MRI. The MRI is how they discovered that I had a narrowing of the lower joint in the ankle. I tried rehab, a brace, and time (year plus) and my whole leg was just burning. Really Really frustrating, thought I had a torn ligament or tendon that MRI didnt pick up, then the cortisone shot fixed everything.

Good luck with everything

Not that anyone in internet land really cares but I'm bored and i've already been telling TT my problems so....

Evidently the ER I went to near the race in NE didn't notice on my x-ray that I had several fractures on my lateral talus. This bone is now in 5 pieces, I have no idea how they didn't catch this. The Dr I went to today for the second opinion actually used the ER x-rays to discover the fracture. He then sent me for a cat scan which showed all 5 pieces (used to be one piece) clearly.

I need surgery to install a plate and screws, I'm out for 9-10 weeks assuming everything heals alright. This is a difficult bone to fix. I'm really nervous about this, wish me luck.

Good luck man, I just went thru a pretty serious surgery myself about 2 months ago and its not fun!!

Surgery sux, bad, but I just decided that I wasnt going to be nervous about it and just man up and go through the motions like it was routine for me, (by convincing myself that it is routine for these doctors and staff, which it is) As long as you are going to a good hospital, and you have a good doctor, you should rest assured everything will be fine. I was amazed by how good everyone was and smooth everything went. I had been putting the surgery off as long as I could, but the time It came I wasnt scared it all. Its all mental preparation. You really dont know anything that happens, and the pain isnt bad because your on meds.

Im gonna scare u a little bit here, but sometimes when you come off the anesthesia, you cant piss. It happened to me, It was 8 hours after the surgery I hadnt pissed yet and they did a bladder scan and my bladder was full. I guess its normal, and they have to give u a straight catheder to trigger ur bladder again, then it functions fine.... Basically I couldnt pee so they shoved a tube up my urethra and moved it around inside my bladder and that shit SUCKS!! It was the 2nd one in a 10 hour period because they give a cath while your knocked out too!

Thanks for the words of encouragement :excuseme: You could have left out that last part though.... :smirk: I'm hoping to get my surgery tomorrow; I just want it out of the way so I can start my recovery.

Thanks again.

Wellll i just wanted to give you the heads up so u know what u gotta do! Its really not bad Im sure you'll be fine good luck. I am guessing you'll atleast have to stay the night. Suprisingly enough my hospital food wasnt bad at all.

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