Bike transportation...bad for the suspension?

I used the the search function but didn't find many opinions from the tuners on TT.

I was wondering if there are negative consequences from having your bike tied down for extended periods of time while transporting your bike.

For instance, if I want to go ride early in the morning I have to load my bike the evening before and keep it tied down overnight in the back of my truck.

Is that bad for the suspension?

Also, what's your opinion on fork support/braces to use while transporting the bike? Worth the money, or just a fad?

Thanks in advance!

no, the forks will hold pressure in any position if they are in good condition, no matter if tied down or ridden on. and the fork blocks aren't needed either.

Well I think that the fork brace does help. I would not recommend leaving your bike strapped down over night in the back of your truck. In my trailer I let the bikes sit on the stands so the wheels are off the ground. I have noticed seal life a lot longer by doing this. When its in your truck you don't have to make it real tight, just enough to hold the bike straight. If it's gonna sit in your truck over night make the straps just hold the bike upright with no pressure on them that will help a lot.

the seals work by compression, if they leak under pressure its because they are worn or damaged, seals and springs do not get damaged by strapping the bike down.

I always open up the fork bleeders after I tie down my bike in the back of the truck to let out the air. When I unload it, I open up the bleeders again when it is on the stand. I had a couple of friends blow out their fork seals by having their bikes tied down for an extended period of time. Whether or not is was because of their suspension was worn, I don't know. But it happened at the same time to two bikes so I doubt it was a coincidence. Maybe it's just me being paranoid.

i think it just shows a seal is not working under pressure as it should, i bet within 2 rides it would have leaked anyway.

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