Buying a 09 drz400??

I am looking at buying a new 09 drz400s (not the SM) version. I stand about 5'11 I did sit on the bike and I could touch the ground but my feet were not flat on the ground. Would I still be ok safety wise?? The best price I have found on a new 09 is 5350.00 not including tax and registration fees. Does that price seem pretty good? thanks for any and all help

The height will be fine. I usually scoot to one side and put my whole foot down if need be. If it really bugs you later on you can lower it. As for the price is that MSRP now or that is their offer? In this economic environment it is a buyers market. Especially if your not using them to finance it.

Look like it is a good price- ebay has a few for 5195.00 Just don't pay for a warranty/ service package unless you have zero mechanical skills. The drz is bullet proof and oil changes are a piece of cake.

I do this when i by stuff.

MSRP - 8-10 % = .

I don't pay "set up" fee's cause it is a BS profit charge. They have some guy in the back making $12.00 an hour to put a front wheel on ect.

I dont pay more than $40.00 for doc. Same deal as above except it is some girl making $9.00 an hour to type your stuff up.

I will give a bit for shipping, in youre case the port is probably Long Beach. so figure in bulk it cost them about $150.00 to get it to NM.

So total all this up and some up with a low price. Now they are a business so they need to make a little money. Then get on cycle trader/ebay and look for the same model in Denver, Phoenix ect. See what the lowest price is. Lets say there is a dealer in Denver that is selling one for 5100.00 out the door. Then you have to do the doc and registration.

Walk in and say. Bill's bikes in DEN has one on the internet for 5100 OTD. My wife and i have to go there in two weeks for a wedding so what can you do for me. Tell them you want to give them the business but that is a better price. usually they will say 5150 ect. So you have to take it from there. You can always walk out and leave them a number to call you at. They usually call in a few days. I sat down with a 15 year old last year and he saved 900.00 on a Ninja 250 by doing this. It was so cool to watch especially when he was walking out the door and the sales guys were chasing him. He called their bluff and won. Remember it is a all a game and have fun... Its only money

Yes the 5350.00 is the total price out the door. I am a dealer (cars) so I will not have to pay any sales tax and I will register it myself. I went into my local suzuki shop and they quoted me 5450.00 I then called two other suzuki shops and got a price of 5350.00 So I figure I go back to my local suzuki shop and as long as they match the 5350.00 which I fell almost certain they will I buy from them.

I dont know if its a better deal or not but I did find a really nice 08 drz400 with 1200 miles. It is stock seems to be very good condition no problems. I can get for around 4300-4400.00 The nada retail value was about 4350.00 it is out of factory warranty.

Do you think it is worth spending a thousand dollars more on a 09 model with warranty/ I know they did not change any from a 08 to the 09 model except the white color.

For the 08 that too sounds like a good price, and at 1200 miles it is just broken in. I personally would buy the new one just because of the 12 months of warranty, I like the white and I like to do my own breakin.

I was leaning more toward the 09 as well. I might offer the guy with the 08 model 100-200 dollars less and if he accepts I might do that but otherwise I will probably go 09 model thanks

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