Armenia DS - May 17 2009, Chester SC

Armenia Dual Sport ride - 5th annual

Chester SC

May 17 2009

This has been a great event in the past and this year should be the best one yet. Check it out! The trails are awesome and it is a very well organized and fun event.

Sorry my original link didn't work, try this updated link:

PM me if you need a larger image, e-mail me ( and I will send you the PDF copy.

This is a very challengine DS ride with some technical sections and nice tight singletrack trail. It is similar to an enduro type trail that will be fun and give you big smiles. Street legal dirt bike would be recommended, a stock DS bike better have some good tires. The terrain is hilly and can get greasy.

Link is for members only. I cannot view it.


I really wanted to go but the previous owner took the baffel out of the stock pipe on my klx does anyone know if they will enforce the baffel rule, its not too loud, only slightly louder.

Such an awesome day in the woods!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :snore:

I'm an experienced road rider but a serious noob when it comes to trail riding (this was only my third time in the woods) but - MAN! - what an awesome time! I got a chance to be around a lot of WAY more experienced folks than myself. All types of riders - young, old and everything in between. All types of terrain - GOOD STUFF!


The icing on the cake is knowing that the money raised goes towards helping a local church.......

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