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05 YZ250F oil capacity / change procedure

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Ok, I currently ride an 08 YZ250F and just picked up a 05 that needed some engine work. I do not have a book for the 05 soooooo.....

After an engine rebuild.

1. How much oil does the 05 require (cases were apart)

2. What's the procedure for checking w/ the dipstick?

Thanks for your help!!

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Here is a link to a manuel. http://www.yamaha-motor-europe.com/community/service/manuals.jsp

Here is the info from the manuel


Oil capacity:

Engine oil

Periodic oil change 1.0 L (0.88 Imp qt, 1.06 US qt)

With oil filter replacement 1.1 L (0.97 Imp qt, 1.16 US qt)

Total amount 1.2 L (1.06 Imp qt, 1.27 US qt)


1. Start the engine and warm it up for several

minutes, and then turn off the engine and

wait for five minute.

2. Place the machine on a level place and

hold it on upright position by placing the

suitable stand under the engine.

3. Place a suitable container under the


4. Remove:

• Oil tank cap 1

• Oil filler cap 2

• Frame oil drain bolt 3

• Crankcase oil drain bolt 4

• Oil filter element drain bolt 5

Drain the crankcase and oil tank (frame)

of its oil.

5. Remove:

• Lower engine bracket

• Oil hose clamp 1

• Bolt (oil hose) 2

• Oil hose 3

• Oil strainer (frame) 4

6. Inspect:

• Oil strainer (frame)

7. If the oil filter is to be replaced during this

oil change, remove the following parts and

reinstall them.

Replacement steps:

• Remove the oil filter element cover 1 and

oil filter element 2.

• Check the O-rings 3, if cracked or damaged,

replace them with a new one.

• Install the oil filter element and oil filter element


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