new battery, clicks but wont start

I had to put a new stator cover on my bike... I'm thinking something went wrong with the starter gear install. I have a new battery in the bike, freshly charged, all it does is click. If I take out that starter gear behind the 3 phillips screws (on the stator cover) and hit the start button, the starter turns over.

is it possible to put that starter gear asssembly in wrong? itll pop start and run fine too.

is it a really fast ticking coming from under the seat/number plate? could be a loose connection on the starter relay.....

nope its not that fast clicking noise... but im familiar with that.

its a solid click, soons you hit the starter button. If i have the starter gear cover off, you can watch the gears trying to turn the motor over but it doesnt.

You may have a shim in either the torque limiter or idler gear in the wrong place, worth revisiting.

william i went back before i read your post, took apart the side cover... realized i had a shim for the starter clutch in the wrong spot. Put it back together, she starts right up.

Kind of a waste of money to buy a new battery... but O well.

Glad you got it going. Now you have a fresh battery for the season.

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