Help price my bike

Hi guys, I have a 1983 Suzuki DR125 that I want to sell. Everything is mint and it runs great. Just wondering what some of you would be willing to pay to give me a round figure for the ad. Thanks :p



i would think you should be able to get $800 for it...its damn near a classic though...maybe you could get more

$1100100000 (Binary)

You never can tell. To the right person it might be worth 2k or more especially if the perspective buyer has some sort of an emotional or nostalgic attachment to that model bike.

Hell, last fall I bought a '91 DR350 in super nice condition with only 2,800 miles on it for $550.

If you're going craigs list I'd say start at $1,500 or so and see what happens. You can always lower your price but you cant go up.

To me.... it's a nice clean and very cool bike but the only use I'd have for it is to let the beginners, young kids or women ride it when they're at my place.

Its kinda like my old 1983 Honda XL200

I have well over $1,000 into it and I doubt I could sell it for $500 on a good day.

Good luck :p

Hahaha yea, its almost not even worth selling. I could always hold on to it for a while and see what happens. Ive just been collecting too many toys lately and need to stop riding this thing before something breaks hahah

Looks nice, but the word "mint" doesn't come to mind.:p



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