Our weekend at White Wash

Here is a little bit on our trip to White Wash this last weekend. We canceled the previous weekend due to weather.

First we had to go to the middle school track meet in Rangely CO. To watch my little son throw and jump. Did not do bad, took 4th in the shot and discus, 3rd in the long jump.


By the time we left Rangely it was raining hard. But we kept the positive outlook. Douglas Pass was a pain but as we dropped down to the Grand Valley the weather got better. But as we got to White Wash we were greeted with a hailstorm, so we waited that out. Set up camp and went to play in the dunes a little bit.


After playtime, came dinner and bedtime.


The next morning was great; we had decided the night before to go try 10-mile wash. After breakfast of eggs and bacon (sorry no picture) coffee and hot coco, off we went. We found a trail that is legal and followed it north around the dunes over to 10 Mile wash.


The wash was real wet from recent rains, Jr. had a ball.


Till he threw a chain, oh but the teacher in me said this is a learning moment. Jr. gets to put it back on tighten it up and lube it all up. After this is lunch and naptime for dad, plus I had to dry out.


We rode on down the wash to the dead end, then back up to the mid point exit.


We meandered some trails back to the dunes.


The big DR doesn’t like the sand. This was a first time at White Wash riding; we looked for the Rick Lee Trail (Chicken Trail) but had no idea where it was. Not sure if I want to try the ladder, but we thought it would be neat to see. Any directions to it, or GPS points would be appreciated. We hope to be going back in two weeks.

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