cometic gasket kits?

are cometic gaskets any good? i was told by a friend to stay away from them. any insight would be appreciated.

They're different.

I've used them on two engines now, and I haven't had a problem with them.

what do you mean by they are different?

also how much time do they have on them so far?

I received a head gasket with my 280 Kit from XRO. No problems except:

When I got the gasket I had to remove one of the brass rivets in the muliti-layered head gasket because it would have prevented it from mating evenly do the head.

I've also used Cometic side cover gaskets and haven't had any problems either.

what do you mean by they are different?

also how much time do they have on them so far?

Different in that they're a bunch of stamp-embossed layers of metal, instead of what most people think of a typical head-gasket.

Overall, they're thinner than a typical gasket, and raise compression slightly by tightening the squish band.

The engines I've build are almost ten yrs. old. One of them is close to 100,000 miles now. The other one is a show-bike and is rarely ridden.

If you torque them at all, and need to remove the head for any reason, even if you've never fired the motor, then throw it away as you cannot torque them more than once. This is probably why your friend doens't think too much of them.

I love 'em. They don't degrade over time. They can't.

thanks for the info... they look like a quality gasket. i think they are worth using.

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