tm36 on a dr350sm

i have a tm 36 and was wondering if anyone is using on now on a dr350?

if so what jetting , clip notch ect. also wondering there i can get an intake boot and wich throttle cable to use. thanks fellas.

I'd call Jesse at Keintech and ask him what he thinks about it.

The man is very knowledgeable with all DR's, stock or modified.

I only hope that if he helps you out that you buy the parts from him. His prices are fair and he and his crew (Janet, his wife) are always very helpful.


The head itself is the limiting factor on the DR350. Putting a carb larger than 34mm is a waste of time unless you plan on doing extensive port work. It will probably run worse than the stock 33mm carb.

A few of the veterans over at max-zuke have put 36mm mikuni flatsides on their DR's, all were ported and some even went with oversize valves to take advantage of the larger carb size. There were some older posts in the technical and archive sections over there.

thanks guys spoke with Jesse today he has me all fixed up. 36 is to big.

i think you would of been fine with the 36. it would have been a 33 with the intake id on the head. the head would act just like a restricter plate you here about in racing. but nothing wrong with doing it right.

I've got a TM33 that Jesse bored to 35mm, with huge ports, a handbuilt 1-3/4" headpipe, and CRF450 silencer, and it SCREAMS! It's got a new 82mm (376cc) wiseco top end too.

I wonder how much more there is to be gained by going to the 36?

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