Pro Ciruit Skock Oil / Weight?

Does anyone know what weight Pro Circuits PC-02 oil is? I am replacing the oil in my shock they revalved and wanted to do it this week and not have to order the oil and wait.

it will be inbetween a 2.5 and a 5, if you want it plusher use a 2.5, if you want if firmer or more rebound use the 5wt.

I want it the same as it was when they sent it back to

I really don't want to have to re-set everything as they had already revalved it and it was great. Just time to get some new fluide in the baby, bolt it back on and ride.

the only way is to find the exact same oil or the specs of it, the chart i have doesnt include that oil, it will not feel any great difference with any oil between 2.5 and 5, its just not a big jump.

A small change in nitro pressure would make as big a difference.

It worked well when sent back, but not sure if could be better. Are you talking about a 5psi diffferance? It worked well but when coming out of a turn with big holes with walls on them it felt rather hard. Would lowering the PSI help? Increasing the rebound? Like I said it handles the G-outs very well and did not want to go softer on he high speed. Maybe 5 psi less would help this. Thought?

I have the high compersion out 1.5 turns on a 2005 CRF 450. I did not want to go out a full two turns as I have never run a setting all the way out or in.

Any change to the N2 will make a difference throughout the stroke, Dave put up a good chart a while back, less N2 equals softer shock(within reason)

a thinner oil will help with those sharp edges.

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