New nos yellow backgrounds for XR250/XL found.

Hello,just a quickie in that I managed to locate the genuine NOS Honda yellow backgrounds for the XR/XL bikes.I've been looking for these for ages to complete the restoration of my 1985 XR250.

Looking at the usual Honda parts sites around the world these fit other XRs and XLs as well.

NOS yellow backgrounds

Restoration link

I'll be reproducing more of these as I have access to some professional sign making/printing equipment:thumbsup: .

Cheers, Chris.

WOW man. I just read your entire restoration page. Excellent Job!! Your write up made me want to try this. Until I saw your total dollar spent. Still way to go.


did you try decal works they may be able to make some custom ones for you

Hi, thanks for the kind comments, I've changed the restoration link to here

For 14.00 I purchased Factory Effex yellow sheets 4 to a packet, made paper stencils and cut them myself.

so, how much for a blue headlight fairing decal for 86-95 XR250L? And will it match exactly to my factory stickers on the sidepanels? My bike is low miles and has no fading on the stickers.

Hi, thanks for your question and I'll try my best to answer;

The actual colour of all the backgrounds I make/sell are not meant to be taken as 100% true to OEM/Factory as they came off the production line. It's like following "the white stallion's" comment a couple of posts back and asking Factory Effex if their yellow/blue or whatever is the same as Honda's yellow/blue.

I think you'll find most will be a different shade. I do have different blue vinyl in stock but if you want the exact same colour as your side-panels, I suggest you send me a small piece of the blue you have on your bike at the moment and then I can match it with my suppliers catalogue "hard copy".

As your probably aware, colours you see on the pc screen aren't the same as the real thing in your hands. Below are two examples of the blue I have at the moment.

Again in reference to "the white stallion's" comment, the backgrounds I make are cut using a machine designed for cutting decals etc out of vinyl. Yes, you could follow the same suggestion from "the white stallion" and that's fine, but I dont make one set of backgrounds for myself, I make a considerable lot more and naturally needed to buy the equipment to do so.

You are the first to ask about buying just the headlight decal in all the time I've been making/selling them and that is perfectly fine.

Before I provide you with a cost for the headlight decal, would you agree, you need to confirm the colour match and suggest how to solve that little glitch?

Hope I've been helpful and all the best.



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