09 Wont Start

had to put a new lh crank case in and done a piston change as well,now the bike will not run unless i use a 12v battery to pressurize the system then it will fire up and run on tick over for a few seconds then cut out,it will do this a couple of times then i have to go through the process again any help would be appreciated thanks.

First thing I would think of is timing. Are you positive the timing is set correctly?

timming is ok, i have just had it running but had to use the battery to run the pump, the pump dose not work useing the power from the generator although

there is power going to the pump?.

Is it the same issue these guys are having here, where the screen/filter is just super dirty. Causing stalls and loss of power?

no it seems the bike is not generating enough power to run the pump so i will have to get a meter and see whats going to the pump.

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