2006 WR 450 suspension for a fat guy

I have a 2006 WR 450 and want to get the suspension set up right. I'm 6'2", weigh 225 and ride mostly small trails. Can I just make some adjustments or do I need to invest in some new parts.

im 6' 210 to 230 i have put a 48 on the front and a 5.8 on the rear and i used a 7.5 weight oil in the forks --- its day n night compared to stock, corners much better, and allowes the use of all the suspension has to offer for my weight, is the bike new or used -- could be time to have the forks looked at, cleaned and new oil???look on youtube wr450 lots of vids 4 ya.

If your just putzn don't worry about it, but your front end will want to push-out on you!! and the ride is sooo much better when they are set up 4 ya. clark4131 helped me out last summer on my new 06, he gave me great advice and are weight is the same.

I'm 200 lbs, and recently had stiffer springs put in front and back of my 2005 WR450. Made a huge difference in handling and my ability to get through/over tough obstacles. The stock suspension can't be adjusted enough for someone your/my weights...get the right springs.

I'm 6'2" 215lbs, I started off with the idea of getting new oil and springs but went ahead and had mine revalved by ProAction Suspension about a month ago. It is a huge improvement. We are too heavy for the stock springs so the suspension just doesn't sit in the sweet spot. I actually kept the stock front springs but the rear different. (forgive me, I forgot what size spring he put on ).

I ride alot with my son and his TTR 50 and almost all my friends have quads so I'm on trails that are 2nd or 3rd gear and alot of open area, rarely do I get WFO. I like to jump too, so the revalve was neccessary :-) They stop alot too, so I'm really glad to have that magic button!

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