Frame oil hole is TINY!

Hey guys,

So whats the fast way to change the oil? I have to use a funnel put into a turkey baster to get it into the pinky sized frame oil hole. It takes about 30 solid minutes of slow pouring to get oil into the bike.

What's the best way?

Open the oil filler on the stator cover on the engine and pour. Takes one minute.

So you're saying don't do what the manual says and don't fill from the frame?

Fill the engine. On statup, the oil will pump from the engine to the frame. You'll find if you let the bike sit for an extended period of time, the oil will migrate into the engine. So do not check the oil before statup it will almost always read low), check it at shut down. It is a wet sump engine. Tech manuals are not always written by techs.

Awesome, thanks very much for the information, + gas for you!

If yopu ever read or see something that does not make sense, always question it. Either what you read or was told was wrong or it is time to learn. Either way, something is gained by someone.

Personally, I think Yamaha making that tiny dipstick on the frame was not a bright idea, probably an afterthought.

What year bike? Not all have the oil fill on the cover.

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