Frame cleaning

Hi, my frame on 04 looked dull and nasty, not much care to it before i bought it, i have shined it up with fine sandpaper, do you need to laquer it, or just buff it?

wd-40 and a blue scotch bright pad will work.

+1, I use scotch bright pad when washing the bike.

Try a bottle of EagleOne etching wheel cleaner from the autoparts store. You will be amased at how bright the aluminum will be. One caution is that it is mildly acidic so keep it out of your eyes and flush the bike with plenty of water.

Walnut shells in a sand blaster will do it. I picked up a sand blaster from harbor freight for 50 bucks and 25 pounds of walnut shells for 20

A gas-powered brick saw with a wire-wheel attached is also fairly effective.


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