Air filter on 2003 drz125 and ? about shock spring

Is there an air filter on this bike (I don't have a manual)? My guess that it is in the square black plastic box that comes off the carb. There is a latch on this box, but I can't get it open, and I don't want to pry to hard and break it.

Also, is seems to me that the shock spring is compressed too much on this bike. When I hit a bump there is no give to the bike. What raising the nuts above the spring give the bike a little more bounce?



no offense, but if you don't know where the air filter is on the bike, you dont need a bike.

get an 8mm/ 5/16 in. socket, ratchet/speeder bar, and take out the bolts that hold the (left) side panel on, unhook the rubber strap that holds the airbox cover on, unscrew the wing nut, and take out the air filter for cleaning

if the suspension has no give, something is wrong. the suspension moves all the time.

my 10yr old brother can bottom the suspension on my 125 easily... he weighs like 75 lbs...

No offense? Not everybody was born with grease under their fingernails. I appreciate the help, but don't be a jerk about it.

If you dont know where the air filter is....then you need more bikes! He did give good advise, just not in a good way.... if you bought the bike used, then the linkage on the bike is most likely siezed. If you look under the swingarm, you will see two plates that are bolted to a thing that looks like an "L" sorta. That is your linkage. They often go bad if not maintained properly (bearings get dry and rust up, no longer moving). I have fixed a couple of my friends bikes that basicly felt like mountain bikes in the rear end... the swing arm pivots are also not bearings, they are bushings, they seize tight as well. There is no rocket science to taking the linkage off, just look at it and hopefully you can see what needs to be removed to get to each step. Good luck and dont be afraid to ask questions! There are lots here who would love to help!


Thanks Tom. I appreciate the help.

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