Cheap Mods

I just got a 08 crf250r just wonderin if there is any little mods u would recommend 4 a stock bike.

Get an extended fuel screw so you can make easier carb adjustments.

Read up on the starting proceedure for the 08 as it can be hard to start if you dont do it in a particular way.

First, I always like to pull out the backfire screen and use the stock Honda cage. Then, I throw away the stock air filter and buy DT1 air filters.

I don't think this is considered a "cheap mod," but I always send my carburator to Tokyo Mods and get it modified. I understand this is pricey, but I have done it to all of my Honda's and it's a great investment. BTW (I know this does not pertain to this thread), if you are looking for a good pipe in the future, I recently bought an MRD for my '08 and I absolutely love it. Good power everywhere and revs to the moon (single exhaust). Hope this helps.

OK thanks alot

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