Which service manual would you recommend??

ok i have a 05 crf 450x, i'm the guy that had his tranny lock up after 30 miles of riding it, from when i bought it! anyway i havent messed with it much and i decided i'm gonna fix it myself, seems to be a bent shift fork... so i need a service manual... i use ebay and the 2 choices are the CLYMER REPAIR MANUAL for $26.99, and the Honda Service Repair Manual for $44.95, i bought a clymer years ago for a warrior and i was pretty pleased with it. is it worth the extra money for the honda manual???

I only have the Honda manual for the 450, but have had good luck with the Clymer in the past.

IMO go with the Honda if $18 isn't too big of a deal.

The Honda manual is great, I wouldn't use the Clymer personally, have some for other bikes and they're too generic.

The clymer for the 450/450 x is good.

got my honda manual for 30 bucks on ebay. seems to be a better manual to me but have used the clymer manuals on other bikes. just watch ebay and you can find it cheaper if you wanna wait

I think this question was posted a month or two ago and it was decided by most that the honda oem service manual was the way to go as many felt clymers left a lot out.

ok sounds like the honda manual is better overall thanks

Honda manual. I was less than impressed with the Clymer manuals for the XL600R and the 2 previous trucks. Missing info, improper torque specs and instructions to do more than is necessary sometimes.

Get the Honda Service Manual...................I was surprised at the detail that the manual goes into.

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