Stall in deep river crossings.

I stall in deep river crossings, my snorkel is on. Air box is dry. Is it something electrical? I have to let it sit for a while when this happens. Today when this happened it would idle roughly but as soon as I gave it gas it would die. I shut it down waited for about 10 minutes then it started up fine and I took off.

You might want to do the T-mod to your breather pipe on the carb.

Whats that?

Buy a plastic vacuum T from an auto parts store. Splice that inline of your carb vent line. Then take an addition piece of line, connect it to the remaining nipple on the T and run that line up high under the seat and secure it.

What's happening when you go into the water is the vent line from the carb that is routed low underneath the bike is getting submerged. When that happens, the carb loses atmospheric pressure. Having the line T'ed still allows the carb to breathe even if the bottom line is under water.

Thankyou I will try this.

Did the T-Mod and it works great.

Good to hear, i will be doing this too soon

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