06 to 09

My winter project is done.




omg whadja do to it?????

Sharp looking bike.

Mod list ?

...nice lookin' scoot... bad avatar....

Whats up with the cross bar? Other than that, I like it. I did the same with mine!!

nice bike!

yeah give us a mods list>>

Okay here goes sorry about avatar but I have 2 bikes and forget what section I am in sometimes..

New plastic Side Panels from Dirt Digits with graphics attached. Airbox graphic included.

New Rad plastic from UFO and custom Graphics from Racer Decal

New Headlight Plate for 08 model

Gust Racing seat cover

As for crossbar it is custom bent by my foot to fist over my scotts stabilizer

Other things on bike that are not new this winter but people might want to know about:

Scotts Stabilizer

Devol Rad Guards

Works Connection Pro Perch

Hyde Racing Skid Plate

Scary fast float bowl darin and quick shot

Jd jetting

Air Box Mod

Six Five O racing Suspension Rework

Light Speed Frame Guards

IMS Tank and Pegs

Pillow Top Grips and Acerbis Guards

Grip Warmers

Smog Blockoff Kit installed

FMF Powercore Slip On

Rear Disc Guard but cannot remember from who

Works Connection Drain and fill plugs

Hour meter at 148hrs and still no movement of valves....

New UFO rear fender

Bike really looks great , job well done . I rented a Husky chain saw in England once to cut up some logs for the fireplace , never done it before , guy saw me coming , I think it must have been at least a 400cc two stroke ,nearly killed myself , + 2 on the Avatar .

Avatar Changed....

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