Lubing my chain

Can i use WD-40 to lube my chain?

No. Use a chain lube made for motorcycle chains. Such as -


From similiar posts on here...quite a few do. really is a "water displacement" agent. Not a lubricant.

I can't remember the name of the one I use...I always leave it at my friends house...:p

WD-40 is NOT Lube. It's used for penetrating. Use Klotz or other similar chain lube. :p

I have seen lots of people use it, even on non-orings. I'll use maxima chain wax, at least until I run out and switch brands again.

i use bel-ray or maxima chain wax/lube.

however a lot of riders (including myself) use WD-40 if track conditions are muddy.

i use rental chain lube works great

WD40 is better than nothing, but it's not very thick, doesn't really protect the chain for very long...

You can use WD-40, but why would you? It is not a lubricant as everyone else said. Antifreeze is more of a lubricant than WD-40, but would you use antifreeze on your chain?

I use WD-40 to clean my chain, not to lube it...I use PJ1 to lube my chain :p

What is the best way to clean o-ring chains? I usually use spray on white lithium grease is this fine to use?

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