Anybody riding MXSun 4-19??

I am looking to get my ride on on Sunday. Wondering if anybody else was gonna hit up a track this weekend?

Come out to PIR with us Thursday night.

I guarantee it will be NWDR amateur hour!!!

I've never ridden MX in my life, so it should be an instant classic! Bring the video camera.

I think I am gonna skip school to be there if its dry, pissed I didnt go last week. Not gonna race this week, but hopefully sometime soon. anybody know what month they stop hold races?

place seems cool, maybe a bit far for this weekend.

headed to Mt. view on sunday after a long drive home from Seattle supercross on Sat. night, I'm just hoping I can stay awake on the bike Sun :p


thinking about heading to Mt View, never been there. Might hit up Longview if a buddy wants to roll, he doesnt ride and I dont think he'd have much fun at Mt View. If he isnt coming, Mt. View it is.

I Will Be At Pir On Thursday Night. Riding The Old Man Class. 40+b. #103. Last Week Was Great Till The Rain Hit, I Pussed Out And Didn't Ride The 2nd Moto.......riding In The Rain, Through The Mud Under The Lights Just Didn't Look Like Fun To Me.

ill be at longview, I got some buddies that wanna try riding a bike and thats the best place for that.

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