Anybody riding MXSun 4-19??

I am looking to get my ride on on Sunday. Wondering if anybody else was gonna hit up a track this weekend?

Come out to PIR with us Thursday night.

I guarantee it will be NWDR amateur hour!!!

I've never ridden MX in my life, so it should be an instant classic! Bring the video camera.

I think I am gonna skip school to be there if its dry, pissed I didnt go last week. Not gonna race this week, but hopefully sometime soon. anybody know what month they stop hold races?

place seems cool, maybe a bit far for this weekend.

headed to Mt. view on sunday after a long drive home from Seattle supercross on Sat. night, I'm just hoping I can stay awake on the bike Sun :p


thinking about heading to Mt View, never been there. Might hit up Longview if a buddy wants to roll, he doesnt ride and I dont think he'd have much fun at Mt View. If he isnt coming, Mt. View it is.

I Will Be At Pir On Thursday Night. Riding The Old Man Class. 40+b. #103. Last Week Was Great Till The Rain Hit, I Pussed Out And Didn't Ride The 2nd Moto.......riding In The Rain, Through The Mud Under The Lights Just Didn't Look Like Fun To Me.

ill be at longview, I got some buddies that wanna try riding a bike and thats the best place for that.

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    • By SmokinJoe90
      I'm looking at thier website and looking at thier calender through July and I see no mx practice on there or races are they not doing mx now?
    • By Russhole
      We need a thread so that those of us who carry chain saws and other trail working tools, know what needs attention.  Along with that, some ice and snow reports would be great to include too.  So, if you see a trail blockage, post it up with some good info on where it is, how big the tree is, and maybe even include a photo if you've got a chance. Another good idea might be to post up if you took care of one of the issues posted in this thread. You can't count on most people to get off their bike/quad and move a fallen tree that can be moved without a saw. There are far to many trenches going around logs that could just be rolled off the trail, so the faster we can address it, the better we can keep the trail system.  
    • By oldgrunt
      I would think a motorcycle would be grateful for being rescued from a show room floor where half the people walking by would sit on it and bounce the forks up and down without ever taking it out for a ride. Today it spit me off into a pile of brush and then jumped on top of me just because I drifted off the trail a little bit.  It must have been trained at the factory in ways to pin riders because I surely could not get it off me.  I said "Bad bike", "Bad bike" several times but it ignored me so I had to yell for help.  
      I can't remember if it was Tiger Tanker or Bombastic One who pulled the bike off of me but that is not surprising seeing how I have reached the age where I sometimes forget what I was doing while I am doing it.
      Which reminds me that this new thread is actually a shameless plug for the Shelton Dirt Rider trail clearing which is well under way for the 2018 poker runs and fun runs.  We covered a lot of ground today.  We have acquired another 2000 acres which gives us nearly 20,000, and we are still only in stage one of the long term three stage plan.  I believe we will be well over 50,000 acres when we get to stage three and I strongly suspect that John Eaton has more than that in the works.  He does not tell be everything.
      There seems to be no end to the number of old trails here that have overgrown with brush since ORV access to this once well used area was shut off 13 years ago.  We had a lot of fun today searching them out.
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      At the Tahuya Focus meeting tonight DNR told us that a jeep route in the Tahuya Forest has been rerouted onto a 1/4 mile stretch of the Tahuya River Trail due to a failed culvert in the old jeep trail.  The section has been reposted with the proper signage showing the stretch is open to all user groups.