First post and looking for some rims!


I just bought a 2005 DRZ 400 S ( blue) with 1800 miles and some goodies for $ 2800 bucks.

Came with some cfc case guards, a nice bash plate, acrebis hand guards, Lower sprockets/ UFO rear tail light/ Some real nice Michelins and the death wings and blah blah. For some reason i cant get away from the purple ( my hand guards are). Also have a dr 350.

Anyway, ive been riding for almost 7 years ( 22 years old). weight (175).

is there any other upgrades you would suggest?

I also want to find another set of rims, so i can put on a diffirent type of enduro tire for street and use my nasties when i get in rough.

i saw a few websites but was confused as to what to look for because i saw them in 600 dollar range for just one!

Can anyone send me a direct link to the exact rims i should get for my DRZ?

The previous owner had the 3x3 jeted kit but he took it out because he felt it made the bike drag at first when he twist the throttle. did he install it wrong?



first off welcome and congrats on the bike! what rims were you looking for? ebay is great for theose, if your looking for sm set up then yes that sounds like the right price range if your looking for a sportsman set up you can find great deals on fleebay from someone parting out or switching set ups as well.

Try ThumperTalk Classifieds first then Fleabay.

found some rims out in Washington State for a good deal. I would like to have a supermoto set up but that probably wont happen for atleast another year or so when i finish with school but i think i would choice another bike like a 250 or 450 over that much money for wheels and rims

thanks for help.

I have a question.

im 5"10 and i feel i need some 1 " bars but how high should i go my arms a somewhat longer than average. i hear that risers are not the way to go?

Used S wheels command a pretty hefty price tag... seems too many people bought the SM version thinking it was a dirtbike and really increased the demand for the dirt wheels.

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