first bike, need help

So im not new to riding, ive been riding atvs for a long time, and ive done some dirtbike/pitbike riding in the past. But its now time for me to get my own pit bike. Im looking for something in the 110-125 class so i the power, but the bike isnt to huge were i cant really throw the bike around and just play on it when im bored. Im leaning towards either an ssr 110 dx3 or the ssr 125 A-1, to try and keep the bike under $800, but i do plan on upgrading over time, as i may get into racing. So can some1 please give me opinions about these bikes, or another good bike in the $800 or less price range. Btw, im 5'11" and 155lbs, if that matters anything.

Thanks Nick

dude spend the extra money go get a new klx od drz 110 and put high rise 80 bars on it and u will love it

and ur first 4 mods twobros pipe twobros agressive front and rear springs and a peg bar with longer mounting bolts grade 8 steel and 1 3/4 long

i would love to spend the money on a klx/drx/crf but its just not in my budget, especially for my first bike. Thats why im going to get a chinese, and why im leaning towards ssr. because from what ive heard they are reliable bikes, and you can upgrade if you want. which is what im looking for.

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