Good Idea? Getting local riders together.

I was thinking, and to me it sounds like a good idea, or one that couldnt hurt. I was thinking of creating a myspace or facebook (eventually a forum\website if its a sucess) and getting riders in my town together somehow. I see people now and then that I dont know and have no idea how to get to know in my town going out riding. And to get people to get together and to see whos riding where and when to get some carpool going and maybe to find some secret spots.

bump? surprised no1 responded. its been a while now

Yeah, just post up some fliers at all your local tracks. But it depends on how close your riding community is up there.

couldn't hurt. If you see them getting gas or something before they go out, i would just go chat with them. Not everyone is on the web...

A local guy in Boise Idaho started a group kind of like what you're talking about a couple of years ago. Two years and 150 members. It's through Check it out for ideas,

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