oversized bar mounts for stock 09 clamps

Guys i am looking for a recommendation for some oversize bar mounts for the stock triple clamps. I want to run twinwalls but i don't want to have to swap out the entire triple clamp to do so, i know pro taper makes one from what i understand, but to be honest I am the kind of moron that it would just bug me to be running pro taper mounts and renthal bars, haha. so what other brands are recommended or what are you guys doing?

Turner oversized mounts seem to work good. I'm looking forward to see what others have to say.

I bought my oversize bar mounts from Tag metals. They work perfect with the stock triple clamps.

I have Sunline ones on my bike. Love the color.


tag make over size mounts for twin walls and they now do a twin wall bar to...

i run renthal mounts with my renthal twin walls...

renthal makes oversized mounts for the stock clamps too?

I have a set of Black pro taper oversize mounts..I had them on my bike for like 2 rides then got the RG3 clamps..

I ran them with Renthal Twinwalls $25 bucks shipped if you want them..There is not a mark on them there brand new.

I bought a set of oversized bar clamps from Pit Posse that I've been rockin' with no problems.

yes they do work on the stock clamps, i have them with my twinwalls.

I run Applied Racing w/ Renthal Twin Walls.

Which Applieds are those? Do you have a link so i can have a look?

Ive got this or these up in the classifieds, taking reasonable offers...




Whats better about running oversized bars?

Whats better about running oversized bars?


Renthal bar mounts w/ Renthal Twinwalls

I use MX BONZ bar mounts with 17mm risers. Super tough and do not twist.

Cheap shipping too.


You can buy clamps from Kawasaki also

i have fly racing clamps got them at the local dealer 45 bucks with a cool fly bar pad:thumbsup: great quality too

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