99' WR400 Carb Question

Well, the carb on my WR was in need of some love. It's been leaking some gas out the overflow (needle and seat are probably shot) and when I would accelerate quickly it bogs down. After spending about a half hour getting the carb out :-) I took it all apart and realized that it was going to need more than a new needle and seat and a cleaning. Most of the gaskets are shot and I could probably use new floats. The guy that had it before me didn't ride it much so everything was kinda gummed up. I'm probably leaning towards a carb rebuild kit, I was looking on some parts sites and ebay and couldn't really find any kits. I could probably get one at my local dealer, but I'm going to pay out the a$$. So I'm just looking for some suggestions on some decent kits.

Also, when I was taking off the float bowl (not the cover, the part above it), I somehow managed to drop it. It put a little chip in one of the corners. I could probaboly still use it, but if someone has one laying around that they'd be willing to sell me for a fair price that would be good (or if you know where to get one). I found it on the OEM parts explosion, but I couldn't find a numbe for it, so I don't know the price. Any help will be appreciated.




Carb rebuild kits can be gotten from Sudco, may be cheaper than a dealer.

Not sure what 'chipped part you are referring to. The carb has three main parts, the bowl, center and slide cap. The center is made of several peices but as you notice, they are not intended to be dis-assembled. Those rubber parts are not available, so I hope you did not take that section apart.

I'm going to the dealer today to get a price and I'll compare that to Sudco. I'm pretty sure that the middle parts are ment to be taken apart, they are held together with four main bolt and it came apart very easily. I don't see how they don't make the rubber gaskets, because mine are shot, does this mean I have to buy a whole new carb?

Thanks again,


If the four bolts you removed were Torx bolts, then you may have a paper weight now. It might be possible to salvage if this is the case. IDK, I'd have to see what you have done. If you saw it seperated in an online fiche, please direct me to it and the ID numbers so we can ensure clear understanding.

Just got back from the local dealer and they don't have anything, and the needle and seat is $65. There isn't any part number for it because your right and it probably wasn't supposed to be taken apart. The four screws were alan heads. I still don't understand how they can't make the parts for it. The gaskets are shot and the bike won't run the same without getting new ones. They are slightly dry rotted and very corroded with dirt.

You may have an expensive paper weight on your hands. You might be able to find a used one someplace, but you never know if you are merely buying someonelse's nightmare. Maybe, the folks at ZipTy can help you.

Post up a pic if you can...all gaskets, o-rings, etc are available from Sudco except that pesky gasket that holds the two halves of the body together. Does the part you took off split on a horizontal or vertical plane from the main body of the carb? If it's horizontal, you are good, and Sudco can help you out. If it's vertical, you're pretty much looking for a new carb. Swapping the Torx screws that hold the body together with Allan heads would be pretty unlikely...

Well, I JB Welded the part I broke and sanded it down after it dried, you almost can't tell it was fixed. I put it all back together after I got a new needle and seat and I cleaned it all out the best I could. I went to start it today and it ran ok other than the fact that it still bogs down when I try to get on the gas fast. It will run fine if I go slow up through the rpm range, but as soon as I try to do it quickly the bike will bog down and die if I let it. Any suggestions?



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