XR 400 A/C Regulator

Need to buy a new A/C regulator. My question is I now have a stock stator , in the future I would like to up grade to a high out put stator . Is a stock A/C regulator ok with a hight out put stator . Or is there a better A/C regulator to buy now , that will work well with the stock stator and a high out put stator. Thanks in advance for the help.

Yes, there are AC regulators that will handle the higher power of the high output stators. Here's a link to one from Ricky Stator...


I rewound my stator so it's putting out about 140 watts and I didn't replace the regulator. No troubles yet. But if you need to replace yours anyway, I'd say go with the higher rated aftermarket unit just for the peace of mind.

I too rewound my stator myself and have been running it with the stock regulator with seemingly no problems.

I think XRs Only also sells a reg for high output stators.

I think part of being able to get away with running the stock reg is if you're going to up the power of your stator, have increased lighting or accessories installed to use that power, instead of it all needing to be dissipated by the reg..

Leave your headlight on all the time and you will be ok with the stock regulator. If you want, or can, turn the headlite off then go for the HD AC regulator. I bought mine from TTfor $13 instead of the $19 shown in a prior post.

Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention I also put in an H2 headlight bulb when I rewound the stator. 55 Watts instead of 35 Watts. Much brighter!! That 35 watt'er is pretty pathetic. Like Trailryder said, that helps ease the load on the regulator. Whatever doesn't get used gets dissipated by the reg.

I'm planning on putting some grip heaters on it too. Dualstars that draw 35W on high.

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