enclosed trailer

im looking at buying a 7x14 v-nose enclosed trailer in the next week or so. I want aluminum frame and the side door with the rv latch. I was looking at these to companies r&r trailers or legend trailer. has anyone heard anything good or bad about these. I have read about them on some snowmobile forums and both seemed to be well liked but havent seen any reviews anywhere else. They are both made in michigan.


I looked at a Legend. 3 or 4 of my buds that are into the snomo thing have them and swear by them. They are nice trailers. Only one of them had any troubles and Legend swapped them a new trailer.

I ultimately set my sites elsewhere because Legend seems to put their axles so far back and then instruct you to "load from the rear." If you have a 1 ton truck, your fine. I'm pulling w/ a half ton Suburban and would end up with too much toungue weight.

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