2003 Yz 450 with street title?

I am thinking about selling my bike its a 2003 yz 450 great shape.

needs nothing.

would need a dualsport kit and a lighting coil to be road worthy . but i do have it plated here in NY.

I am just wondering what i may be able to get for it???

its hard to price something fair when its your own and you have so much cash invested.... so i need some help.

Thanks all.

A pic of it.


This is just a stab in the dark here, but I would say a fair price would be in the $2000 to $2500 range.

Good luck.

Unfortunately, the add-ons will do little for you except to make it sell a little faster, or make it more likely to be the one chosen from the pack. It won't really add to the price very much. OTOH, the road worthy title may add as much as $800 for the right buyer.

I sold my '03 in early '08 in excellent condition for $2200.

I bought my 03 in excellent condition with a decent amount of aftermarket stuff on it for 2400 (Oct. 08), but bikes seem to run $500 more around here for some reason...

Id ask 2750 for it, and take 2500.

I think a street titled yz would catch a prettier penny here in NY. I want to get my bike plated but I have heard its a pain.

I would say 3k ish because it would still need street tires, lights, speedo, etc.

Beautiful bike. I am saving that picture for inspiration!

I couldnt bring myself to sell it for that. Think i shall keep it!

and yes its impossible to plate a bike in NY. anyway ty all!

If its so impossible, how did you do it??!?!?

I just had a conversation yesterday about bikes with street titles. It's a tough call. First let me qualify myself, I actually have a 2003 YZ450 street legal in NY.

Yours bike looks pretty clean. Tough sell as a dual sport though with a 4spd tranny, then figure in lights, electric producing stator, etc. and the price climbs quick to actually get it on the road. Pretty soon you could start looking at KTM's ready to go without the work and with many other benefits.

The reality is that I don't think the street legal capability necessarily brings you any more money, but I do think without a doubt that it will sell quicker (and any older YZ is tough to sell).

2 years ago I sold a non-street legal 2003 YZ450 that looked AT LEAST as good as yours and I got 2k for it.

Send me a PM, I don't come on here much.

Many states permit any bike to be made street legal, even if it did not come from the factory that way. So buy a bike that has been titled in one of those states and it will generally transfer right into your state. The OP probably bought the bike from someone who got it titled in their state and then he transferred the title into NY.

Yep Out of state is the only way. Or find a frame That has been plated out of state and plate it here in NY. Swap everything over.

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